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I’m Lynn George, Chief Meaningful Work Officer

It’s totally okay to love your work but desire career growth. I was once working in a career that I loved but MORE kept tugging at my heart to awaken the purpose-driven work for which I was created. That work is to facilitate career change.

More and more people are choosing to re-invent themselves and discover their true calling and purpose in life rather than continuing to work in a job that doesn’t align with their true self and purpose for which they believe they have been called. Let me help you create a plan that you can take action on today that will move you forward to your divine calling. 

I’m here to help you change, grow, or launch MORE of the work you love to do. Let’s connect to work together to help you get clarity and confidence to design your purpose-driven work. 

I understand the struggle...

You have dreams of making a greater impact.

You want to overcome the fear of rejection so that you can move out of your own way.

You have many interests but feel you are all over the place.

You would love to take action but you don't know where to start.

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Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can make it easier for others to find you and help youreach your professional goals.


Uncover Your
personal brand

Are you considering a career change? Do you know what your personal brand is in the marketplace? Begin the work with this workbook. 


Learn to Write Your Own Resume


Finding the work you love starts with writing a good resume, one that speaks to your personal and professional strengths and brand.  Enroll in this self-pace course to learn how for a lifetime. 

Focus, Efficiency, Productivity

My latest ebook for career growth

Focus, Efficiency, Productivity

After believing that someone else is responsible for my career development, I began taking action to design the work I love.  I finally realized that I do not have to wait for permission to create the work I love, I am responsible for creating the work I love by starting with these steps. Learn more about it in my book.

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