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At Lynn George Consulting, we specialize in revitalizing workforces and guiding career professionals toward fulfilling career paths. Our approach is twofold: working with companies, we offer a transformative employee-centered career model. For individual professionals feeling stuck in their careers, our services are tailored to reassess their professional brand, realign their vision with their true aspirations, and identify skill gaps to align with the career they love.

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The Masterpiece method™
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We are committed to creating dynamic work environments and career paths that resonate with both organizational goals and personal fulfillment.

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I'm Lynn, Your Career and Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Consultant and CEO of Lynn George Consulting

Lynn George Consulting guides professionals through career stagnation (feeling stuck or trapped) to leadership excellence and partnering with organizations to create a thriving, engaged workforce.

Companies hire me to revitalize their workforce, creating an employee-centered career model that turns unfulfilled employees into engaged, skilled leaders who are actively involved in the company’s mission, leading to improved productivity, performance, and profitability


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Workforce Development

We understand that a company’s success is deeply intertwined with the fulfillment and growth of its workforce. Our approach is designed to revitalize your team, transforming unfulfilled employees into engaged, skilled leaders who embody and drive your company’s mission forward.

We focus on enhancing leadership skills, boosting confidence, and aligning personal values with organizational goals. Our coaching nurtures a profound understanding of self-leadership, enabling leaders to inspire, innovate, and drive impactful change within their teams and organizations.

Career Management services are tailored to guide professionals through every stage of their career journey. We focus on strategic planning, skill development, and personal brand enhancement, ensuring that each step is aligned with long-term career aspirations. 

kind words from clients

  • “Lynn was a joy to work with. She was instrumental in assisting me in figuring out my next career move. Her assistance was critical in helping me make a decision about making a drastic career change. My current job fulfills me because I know I’m helping my community and giving back in a major way.”

    -Lisa M., Entrepreneur
  • “I am so very grateful for the mentorship and expertise of Lynn George. She helped me find the clarity that I needed and hone my resume so that it highlights who I am and what I can offer to my future employer. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to find a job that they love”

    – Adrienne B. Project Manager
  • “Lynn is far more valuable than any investment you can make for your future as a leader. Lynn is the real deal. I know that folks often use the phrasing “real deal” loosely, but I say real deal firmly, with confidence. Lynn has been extremely vital to my growth as a leader during the past 12 months. “

    – Lise Robinson, Financial Executive

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