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 Our mission is to equip individuals and organizations (female leaders and rising female talent) seeking career development and leadership development to increase their impact, expand their influence, and maximize their purpose to work meaningfully. 

From Fearful to Confident

Hi, I’m Lynn George, the Chief Meaningful Work Officer. I empower high-achieving female leaders and rising stars who want to take their personal brand and careers to the next level to overcome imposter syndrome and be confident to grow their impact and expand their influence for a fulfilling career. 

Does this sound like you 👇🏾

If I were more confident, I would be doing work I enjoy and growing in my profession. Lack of confidence has a great impact on your life and career. It prevents you from leaving a job you hate, seeking visible and important stretch assignments, and undermines your belief about your abilities. 

If I were more confident, I would allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them.  Growth requires risk and making mistakes. Start small and gradually build to eventually take on more. Be confident that you have the ability or can learn no matter the outcome. 

If I were more confident, I would question myself a lot less.  How often are you going over the right thing or perfect thing to do or say in a situation? The internal dialogue keeps you from taking inspired action. It cause you to be reactive instead of proactive, therefore, you’re not seen as a leader. 

You're not alone

Enter Executive Coaching for Professional Women to Ignite Your Confidence and Grow Your Impact, Influence, and Your Career


Hey there! I'm Lynn

Whether you are a high-achieving woman who wants to advance your career or a teacher seeking to transition from the classroom to corporate, you found me because you are ready to make a change in your career. 

I was in your shoes before. Back when I was ready to grow my career, I learned that the thing holding me back from the career I desired was the negative internal dialogue I was having about what I was capable of achieving in my career. 

I imagined a bigger personality and brand and something different from what I was doing but the negative self-talk was undermining my confidence and sabotaging my efforts.

My mission is to empower women to believe beyond what they think they are capable of doing. 

Whether you’re looking to transition out of the classroom or growing your influence to advance your career in corporate, I’m your girl. 

Impact. Influence. Purpose

How we can work together

1:1 Coaching

Ready to own your career and be known for your expertise. Build your professional brand with 1:1 coaching. 


Need to attract, retain, or develop female talent? Customized leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion training offerings

Research-based career courses developed to help you transition with ease and finally do the work that you love

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Lynn was a joy to work with. She was instrumental in assisting me in figuring out my next career move. Her assistance was critical in helping me make a decision about making a drastic career change. My current job fulfills me because I know I’m helping my community and giving back in a major way.”

    -Lisa M., Entrepreneur
  • “I am so very grateful for the mentorship and expertise of Lynn George. She helped me find the clarity that I needed and hone my resume so that it highlights who I am and what I can offer to my future employer. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to find a job that they love”

    – Adrienne B. Project Manager
  • “Lynn is far more valuable than any investment you can make for your future as a leader. Lynn is the real deal. I know that folks often use the phrasing “real deal” loosely, but I say real deal firmly, with confidence. Lynn has been extremely vital to my growth as a leader during the past 12 months. “

    – Lise Robinson, Financial Executive

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