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Teaching mid-career professional women to uncover their purpose and own their brilliance so they can find work they love.

“It’s in your purposeful work, you will find your voice and leadership to create a greater impact and more income.” Lynn George

6 Cornerstones of owning your brilliance

Want Coaching to Uncover Your Purpose?

Would you like to utilize the skills, natural talent, gifts OR knowledge in a greater capacity that bring you excitement and a sense of purpose?

I’ve been just like you…After many years of working in workforce development, I wanted something different but I couldn’t figure what “different” meant. 

It wasn’t until I started working with a life coach that I realized that the work I seek was a sense of a higher purpose so I would need to create this work for myself. I sought designing work the way that aligned with me and the way I am wired. I wanted to be my own boss. 

You feel that there’s more but you cannot quite put your finger on what “more” is for you.

All you know is that you feel the call of leadership, business ownership, or mission work rising within you to serve at a greater capacity to make a greater impact and enjoy a nice income while you’re at it. Why not? 

What’s keeping you from becoming heard, known, and seen is NOT owning your own brilliance to become the highest expression of YOU. 

I believe in serving your PURPOSE powerfully but you cannot do that if you don’t own your brilliance.

Through my coaching programs, I will help you ignite your confidence so that you can show up on purpose for the work you are meant to do in the world. 

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Career Resources

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optimize linkedin profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can make it easier for others to find you and help youreach your professional goals.


Uncover Your
personal brand

Are you considering a career change? Do you know what your personal brand is in the marketplace? Begin the work with this workbook. 


Resume Writing Development Course

Finding the work you love starts with writing a good resume, one that speaks to your personal and professional strengths and brand.  

Focus, Efficiency, Productivity

My latest ebook for personal growth

Focus, Efficiency, Productivity

After believing that someone else is responsible for my career development, I began taking action to design the work I love.  I finally realized that I do not have to wait for permission to create the work I love, I am responsible for creating the work I love by starting with these steps. Learn more about it in my book.

My Talks & Workshops

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Career Coaching​

I help mid-career to late-career seasoned professionals who want to advance in her chosen career path as well as those who are looking to make a change to find more meaningful work through strategic branding and positioning strategies. 


Motivational Speaking

With a passion for helping others improve their quality of life by teaching them how to design the way they desire to work with meaning and purpose, I love to share content about personal branding to help you live out your dreams and actualize the work you have been created for on this earth. 


Workshops & Trainings

Offering virtual and face to face workshops on branding and Linkedin to help individuals  maximize their brand identity. Use the contact link/page to talk about how my area of expertise in these areas aligns with your business brand identity needs. 

Lynn George, Your Career Consultant

“More and more people are choosing to re-invent themselves and discover their true calling and purpose in life rather than continuing to work in a job they hate or influenced by someone else’s expectation or purpose.” Let me help you uncover your true purpose and create a career brand that will attract opportunities to you. 

Maximize your potential

Coaching Packages

Career Transition Coaching

12 weeks, $1,800

Are you in transition and you need clarity of what’s next? OR Have you been recently laid off and want support  for your next role? I am offering 1:1 tailored coaching, group coaching, and workshops for all your career services needs. The initial call is free 30 minutes so that you and I can determine a fit for working together. 

Personal Branding Strategy

3 Hours, $450

Do you know your brand identity? Do you understand who you are in the job market place and the value that you bring to a company? If your response is, not sure then you need this package where you will uncover your brand, set a brand strategy, deliver on on your brand identity to attract opportunities without applying for a job. 

Linkedin Profile optimization

3 Hours, $450

Is your Linkedin profile brandedfor what you want to be known for in the workplace? If you do not currently have an active profile on Linkedin, then you are leaving money on the table because recruiters and managers cannot find you if your profile is not fully complete. In this offer, I will go over every aspect of your Linkedin profile with you.

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I help ambitious, vision-driven women own their brilliance (uncover your voice, leadership, and purpose) as they launch new careers or a new business so they can make more money, make a greater impact, and step into the work they love.