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Experience Freedom and The Work That Energizes You The Most

“As a man thinketh, so is he” Proverbs 23:7

Decades of experience helping people like you experience career and life success.

I empower purpose-driven women to leverage their expertise to reinvent their careers to finally experience freedom and the work that energizes them the most. 

Career by Design is my signature program about making choices to get what you want, focusing on confidence and mindset for your career and life. The goal is freedom and flexibility, which every seasoned professional wants to achieve in their work life. Career by Design equips you with the perspective and strategies to finally experience this.


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You know you were created to be more, do more, and create more impact?

Does this sound like you?

You have tried EVERYTHING like volunteering, donating, and taking classes, but you are still stuck, NOT unsure of what your next step should be and living out your purpose. You are frustrated with not knowing the path to connect your unspoken desires for the work you truly want to do to maximize your gifts, talents, and skills.

Your priorities have changed, and turning your innate desires to design the career you want is important to you to achieve life and career fulfillment. Have the freedom to spend your time the way you want and design life on your terms.

 Waiting to be rewarded and recognized for your hard work is not working, and you are simply NOT seeing the results. You are stuck at what to do next to go from where you are now (stuck in an unfulfilling job or career) to thriving and satisfied where you are doing purpose-driven work leading meaningfully. 

You're not alone

Enter Career and Leadership Development Coaching

Hey There!

I'm Lynn, Executive Career Coach to powerhouse women 40+

It’s possible to be great at what you do and never be recognized for your work. For six years, I worked with a non-profit agency, developing and managing workforce development programs. Yet, I was not recognized or rewarded for building a workforce development program for helping homeless individuals with challenging backgrounds get placed in jobs with a liveable wage.  However, the challenge of doing this work helped me become aware that I was created to make a bigger impact in the world.  How did I go from individual contributor to transformational leader? Enter coaching. I hired a coach to help me create a roadmap for career development and uplevel my confidence to own my brilliance. 

Ready to go from frustration to fulfillment?

How we can work together

1:1 Coaching

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There are career coaching programs available customized to meet your unique needs. Private coaching begins at $1800

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Lynn was a joy to work with. She was instrumental in assisting me in figuring out my next career move. Her assistance was critical in helping me make a decision about making a drastic career change. My current job fulfills me because I know I’m helping my community and giving back in a major way.”

    -Lisa M., Entrepreneur
  • “I am so very grateful for the mentorship and expertise of Lynn George. She helped me find the clarity that I needed and hone my resume so that it highlights who I am and what I can offer to my future employer. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to find a job that they love”

    – Adrienne B. Project Manager
  • “Lynn is far more valuable than any investment you can make for your future as a leader. Lynn is the real deal. I know that folks often use the phrasing “real deal” loosely, but I say real deal firmly, with confidence. Lynn has been extremely vital to my growth as a leader during the past 12 months. “

    – Lise Robinson, Financial Executive

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