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Turn Your Passion Into A Career

You know you were created for MORE. The questions you have are HOW do I create the impact I was created for, and WHAT do I need to do to make my dreams happen for me?

You’ve taken every assessment there is…from the Interest Profiler to the Disney Princess assessment to figure out who you and what you’re supposed to be doing…because you were created to be more, do more, and create more impact.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING like volunteering, donating, and taking classes, but you are still stuck. You’re frustrated with another project that keeps you from having time for the work you truly want to do to maximize your gifts, talents, and skills.

You’re priorities have changed, and you’re now deciding how to turn your passion into a career so that you can achieve life and career fulfillment. You want to spend more time with your family and design life on your own terms.

The assessments are not working, and you’re simply NOT seeing the results. You’re stuck at what to do next to go from where you are now to where you want to be doing purpose-driven work. 

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...


I'm Lynn, Executive Career Coach to powerhouse women 40+

Your perspective about work has changed. You no longer want to work to live but live to work so that you can create more impact. You want to SERVE humanity by offering your gifts to the world.

It’s possible to be great at what you do and be unfulfilled. For six years, I worked with a non-profit agency at the top of my game, contributing strategically, yet I was unfulfilled with the work.  MORE, a deep longing to contribute in a way that meaningfully connected with my desires, gifts, and strengths, kept tugging at my core.  I became awakened to purpose, and it was now the season to create the work that would fulfill my inner zeal. 

The question became what’s the next best step do I take to step into my purpose? The first step I took to align my passion to work with mid-career women was to get guidance. For six months, my coach and I worked together to help build my courage to start my private coaching practice. That was in 2016. That’s why I believe your first step in making your vision a reality is guidance. Don’t go at this alone. So, I have created space for you to schedule the purpose meets clarity call. 

Ready to go from frustration to fulfillment?

How we can work together

1:1 Coaching

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Group Coaching

Join our network of women who are about community over competition. Iron sharpens iron over here. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Lynn was a joy to work with. She was instrumental in assisting me in figuring out my next career move. Her assistance was critical in helping me make a decision about making a drastic career change. My current job fulfills me because I know I’m helping my community and giving back in a major way.”

    -Lisa M., Entrepreneur
  • “I am so very grateful for the mentorship and expertise of Lynn George. She helped me find the clarity that I needed and hone my resume so that it highlights who I am and what I can offer to my future employer. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to find a job that they love”

    – Adrienne B. Project Manager
  • “Lynn is far more valuable than any investment you can make for your future as a leader. Lynn is the real deal. I know that folks often use the phrasing “real deal” loosely, but I say real deal firmly, with confidence. Lynn has been extremely vital to my growth as a leader during the past 12 months. “

    – Lise Robinson, Financial Executive

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