I enjoy Lisa Nichols nuggets of wisdom because they resonate with me quite often. This is one of them.

Last night, I was working on a project that is due in a month and my thoughts would not come together for this assignment so I became increasingly frustrated. I walked away from it a few times and return but nothing would shake. After chatting with my husband about my experience, I went back to my workspace and somehow I became motivated and felt my creative juices began to flow. What I realized about myself in that moment was that I was more concerned about the presentation of my assignment; when in actuality, I needed to simply allow my creative energy to produce what was in me. In other words, I allowed the “possibility” to happen and the ideas came.

As I prepared for a speech about procrastination earlier this year, I learned through research that perfectionism is at the root of procrastination. Perfectionism is also a “creative-killer”. We claim it all the time that we are a perfectionist unbeknownst to us we are actually killing our creative energy that is the result of us becoming the best version of ourselves.

By the end of the night, I was proud of the strides I had made to come close to completing the project but what I am most joyous about is the lesson learned in the process–allow yourself to be.