Lynn is the founder of the coaching and consulting firm, Lynn George Consulting. Her vocation is to help people reach their full potential. Since 2003, she has helped women to discover and use their strengths to reach their goals.

She founded Lynn George Consulting in 2016 to empower women to experience life altering transformation necessary for their next level through the power of coaching and positive intentions to live out their God-given purpose personally and professionally.

Having been a teenage mother and single mother living in public housing has taught Lynn George that anything you want in life, you must have a vision for your dreams, a BURNING DESIRE to succeed, and discipline with positive intentions to stay the course to achieve your goals. She has allowed her journey battling with insecurities as a quiet and reserved woman, once a struggling single mother, and teen pregnancy shame, not to define the rest of her life. With her down-to-earth personality, professional and life experiences, and insight, she is on a mission to inspire women to unleash their quiet leadership and be the ultimate version of themselves.

At age 30, Lynn graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Education. She’s also a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) holder with the National Career Development Association, and Human Resources Professional (PHR) with Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). She is a consummate learner and avid reader and she is passionate about helping you reach your maximum potential in your career and business.

Leveraging her background experience in human resources, coaching training, and knowledge of adult learning theory to create lasting impact for her clients, Lynn has coached women from all walks of life and socio-economic background. With over 10,000 hours training women on career confidence, along with coaching mentor-ship from some of the best Master Coaches in the world, it is no wonder that her clients get RESULTS.