I believe the antidote to procrastination and fear is ACTION! Just do it!

However, sometimes there are negative influences at play when we decide to come out of our comfort zone. The voice that repeatedly lie to you saying, “you are not enough”, the inner critic that shows up when you take a step forward that causing you to stop forward movement, or the friend whose own fears crippled them is now telling you that you cannot do what you see for yourself. One word. Conviction!

When your conviction about your vision is stronger than your fear, you will begin to work out the desires in your heart. Overcome your fear by trusting the conviction of your heart.

Conviction simply means a fixed or firm belief. The state of being convinced.

I used to tell people my name is “convincedandpersuaded. Ha!

I was convinced about who I was and whose I was and you need to be convinced about the vision, dream, goal, or desire in you.

It’s time to start somewhere so start small then celebrate every small win.

Starting on a small scale – perhaps a $7 product instead of a $97 one – can mean less work to get it off and running and a launch that can teach you a thing or two. The feedback and knowledge you get from beginning with a small launch is invaluable to help you move up to higher ticket items and can help alleviate some of your self-doubt.

Starting off small scale is good because every small step you take helps your self-confidence build and self-doubt will begin to wane.

Self-doubt is often made up from failures of the past, but your small successes can provide positive thoughts about the positive outcomes you have realized.

The positive feedback you receive from small successes may serve to set you up for huge success. There is always something new to learn. Beginning your business or venturing out in a different direction in small increments helps you sharpen your skills and become more confident in future business situations.

You will soon discover if something works – or not – and can quickly tweak or discard it at your discretion. Little will be lost if you have not invested a great deal in something you lack knowledge about.

Trust your instinct and values when making decisions about your vision. There are many shady marketers out there who might turn your head with promises of fast money, but if you stay true to your own values, self-confidence will become the antidote to any self-doubt you may have.

In the race with you,

Lynn George