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When you’re in the building phase of a business or a career, it can seem lonely with long work hours, balancing family, and juggling life so there are times when you will be unmotivated and that’s okay.

I know for sure that the feelings of being tired can be masked by a lack of motivation. It can also be a sign of underlying burnout or lack of alignment. But that’s for another article, another day.

What happens when there is truly a lack of motivation?

It’s time to ignite your inner drive.

Your inner drive is that feeling of determination, deep inside, that gets you to carry on, even when you’ve lost your motivation. It’s your will to carry on even when you feel like it will be impossible to continue.

Your inner drive is essential when it comes to whether or not you’ll accomplish what you set out to do. It ultimately determines whether you succeed or fail in achieving your goals.

If you feel like your inner drive is waning, here are five ways you can feed and manage your inner drive so that you are on track to conquer your goals.

Practice Optimism

Continuing to remain hopeful and confident that you will achieve success is extremely important for maintaining your inner drive. If you find you lack internal drive, look for sources of inspiration and draw from them. Find people that have similar mindsets to help build your confidence and feel better about your journey.


One of the greatest benefits of this method is the new perspective gained in stressful situations. (Mayo Clinic) It is widely known that one of the benefits of meditation is that it can reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and confidence. My personal experience is the information overload clearing that the article mentions. This is huge in order to gain a new perspective on your current situation. Of all the methods for stirring up the inner drive, prayer/meditation is my favorite. Journaling is my second favorite.[/right]

Make a Habit of Journaling

It isn’t easy to make a habit of journaling, but it will be well worth the effort when it comes to managing your inner drive. Detailing your thoughts and feelings on paper is an excellent way to control your thoughts and feelings more clearly. You can use journaling to vent your frustrations, or as a way to gain inspiration.

Create a Sense of Community

Surrounding yourself with inspirational people can also help to manage your inner drive. When you can connect with communities that share similar ideals with you, you can find encouragement in their journey.

Communities, whether professional or personal, are the support structures that you need to surround yourself with when the apathy starts to set in.

Visualize Your Success

Merely visualizing your success should be enough motivation for you to push forward toward accomplishing your goals. Imagine how you feel when you achieve your goals, the rewards you receive, and how it will change your life. To help you visualize your success, you can create a vision board or Pinterest board that will provide you with further incentive to continue on your journey.

While many people are navigating working from home, changing careers, virtual learning with their kids, job searching, or starting a new business, it is okay that some days’ motivation to do, be, or, create takes a back seat. When that happens, make sure to take care of yourself then implement ways to ignite and maintain your source of energy and motivation by using one of the methods above.