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Career Development services

Coaching sessions will guide you through making an entrepreneurial leap, and help you start and grow your career and business.


What's Included

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Every successful coaching program starts with a free 30- minutes introductory/strategy call to see if working together will be a great fit. If not, I can refer you to a coach that would be best suited for your needs.


Sometime you have a burning question after our meetings that you would like answers to. All career coaching packages comes with this benefit to insure your unique needs are met.


No two people are alike. Therefore, your program is tailored made to address your unique talent, skills, work experiences, and background to insure you are receiving exactly what you need.

Assignments & accountability

Part of my role is to keep you accountable for the goals you wish to accomplish. Therefore, I will push you, challenge you, and cheer you along the way.

Detailed session

Every minute, you will receive a detailed summary of what we discussed, actions you will take, and next steps. This is to keep us both accountable for reaching your goals.

Quick Check

Did you receive a call for an interview or a question from a recruiter that you would like to discuss with your coach? Quick-Check ins are ways to discuss and trouble-shoot hot news on the fly.

Maximize your potential

Coaching Packages

Career Transition Coaching

12 weeks, $1,800

Are you in transition and you need clarity of what’s next? OR Have you been recently laid off and want support  for your next role? I am offering 1:1 tailored coaching, group coaching, and workshops for all your career services needs. The initial call is free 30 minutes so that you and I can determine a fit for working together. 

Personal Branding Strategy

3 Hours, $450

Do you know your brand identity? Do you understand who you are in the job market place and the value that you bring to a company? If your response is, not sure then you need this package where you will uncover your brand, set a brand strategy, deliver on on your brand identity to attract opportunities without applying for a job. 

Linkedin Profile optimization

3 Hours, $450

Are you leaving money on the table by not having a visible and engaging profile on Linkedin? If you do not currently have an active profile on Linkedin, then you are leaving money on the table because recruiters and managers cannot find you if your profile is not fully complete. In this offer, I will go over every aspect of your Linkedin profile with you.