What comes to mind when you read those words, “ show up”?

For me, “show up” means to be present physically and mentally.

However, I can take it a step further to say, “show up” means that I am not just physically and mentally present but I am spiritually, emotionally healthy, and full of good energy. Admittedly, I can say that I have been physically present for many things in my personal and professional life otherwise, I have not.

The story of Joshua in the Bible starts with an assignment that God gives Joshua. I cannot help but notice that in addition to the assignment, God tells Joshua to be of good courage and be not afraid. What this tells me about God is that He is not only concerned about a task He has given but He is also very interested with my internal condition for the task.

Three ways to “show up”:

1. Be present mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As a Coach, I facilitate workshops all the time and prior to, I must engage in being alone, still, meditation, and prayer because I desire to be fully present in the moment for people to receive what is shared.

2. Be Purposeful- the definition of purpose is the reason for which something is created or for which something exists. Be intentional about life, in every part of your life. The way technology is set up these days, it is easy to be “on” all the time but when it comes to family, children and partner, intentionally unplug for 30 minutes to an hour. You might be surprised to what you become enlightened to.

3. Be ready to learn- regardless of the situation, life demands us to be both student and teacher. A growth mindset is one that sees challenges as learning opportunities. When we become flexible and learners of life, we grow and go beyond what we could ever imagine. (Read more about growth mindset at http://www.mindsetworks.com)

Remember if you are working on the project of your career, interviewing for your dream job, pursuing your life’s purpose, or need to spend more time with loved ones, remember life is about how you show up for it.