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Uncover your passion to find the work you love

Do you have an interest that you would like to turn into work you do everyday? If so, listen as I share my story of turning a desire to help empower women (single moms) to a full blown career that I love. You can do the same and I can teach you how.

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overcoming self-doubt as you launch a new career

A big blocker as you endeavor to start something new is self-doubt. If you can overcome doubt, you can get out of your own way to achieve your biggest dreams. Listen as Ashley and I uncover steps you need to take to overcome self doubt as you launch something new in your life.

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International Women's day summit

International Women’s Day Summit 2019, Women Rising is over, however, the mission to empower women every day remains to be the focus every day helping you to uncover the masterpiece within you. This was my segment telecasted from Australia where the entire telecast has been viewed by over 30k viewers. Take a listen at the telecast that I remain thankful for the opportunity to be on this platform with 43 other women from five different countries last month with Melissa Groom as host and creator of this ginormous event.

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